Sugarplum Elf Ear Cuff Wraps Pair

$49.00 USD

$36.75 USD

Wire Color


Product Description

Fairy elven ear cuffs in Art Nouveau plum and ivory tones with your choice of gold, silver or antique copper non-tarnish wire. Add a bit of impish elf charm to any occasion.

A variation of my new Thyme2dream Ear Dreams, my elf ears are easy to wear ear wrap cuffs that require no piercings at all, can be worn with or without regular earrings and fit easily over the back of the ear. Our wire is nickel free and has a non-tarnish coat that makes it easy to wear even for allergy sufferers.

The fairies and I thank you for visiting Thyme2dream!
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Sugarplum Elf Ear Cuff Wraps Pair Sugarplum Elf Ear Cuff Wraps Pair