Rivendell Spring Ear Cuff Vine

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$15.30 USD

Single or Pair

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Product Description

Blue & green hued ear cuff inspired by my one of my favorite images from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. In the spring, Rivendell's mighty oaks and graceful beech trees come alive again and the valley sings the song of the waterfalls filled with melting snow from the Misty Mountains...

PLEASE NOTE: Model is wearing my Lothlorien Spring ear cuff also available in my shop, I just included that photo so you can see how these fit on the ear:)

Designed to fit any ear, my ear cuffs are adjustable and can be worn with or without regular earrings- No piercing needed! Our wire is nickel free and has a non-tarnish coat that makes it easy to wear even for allergy sufferers.

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Rivendell Spring Ear Cuff Vine Rivendell Spring Ear Cuff Vine Rivendell Spring Ear Cuff Vine