Elven Ivy Leaf Celtic Circlet 3 Weave

$60.00 USD

$51.00 USD

Circlet Shape

Wire/Crystal Color


Product Description

A Celtic weave elven circlet (aka crown or tiara) with 3 x 3 strands of wire with silver or gold and your choice of one accent color. This slightly simpler band has an elegance all its own.

Choose V front or Straight front circlet
Then choose your wire/crystal color. The first color is the base wire an leaf color, second is the center accent wire and crystal color. The first 4 options in the drop down menu above correspond with the photos in order (color only, you can have v or straight in any of them:) and then the others listed are colors we have in stock.

The circlet can be worn by either men or women and depending on the activity level, can be worn as is, or held in place by ribbon or leather ties. Our wire is nickel free and has a non-tarnish coat that keeps it shiny and makes it easy to wear even for allergy sufferers.

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Elven Ivy Leaf Celtic Circlet 3 Weave Elven Ivy Leaf Celtic Circlet 3 Weave Elven Ivy Leaf Celtic Circlet 3 Weave