Ear Cuff Midnight Red Fairy Vine Wrap

$25.00 USD

$21.25 USD

Single or Pair


Product Description

A very dramatic Ear Cuff (aka Vine Wrap) for a goth or steampunk fairy

Some call it an ear cuff, some an ear wrap- this piece fits easily over the back of the ear for a dramatic vine like effect at the side of the face. No piercing required at any place on the ear! I was inspired to make these after seeing fairy vine like face painting at a Renaissance festival- this seemed like a simple and less messy way of achieving the same effect;)

Designed to fit any ear, my ear cuffs are adjustable and can be worn with or without regular earrings- No piercing needed!

Our wire is nickel free and has a non-tarnish coat that makes it easy to wear even for allergy sufferers.

The fairies and I thank you for visiting Thyme2dream!
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Ear Cuff Midnight Red Fairy Vine Wrap Ear Cuff Midnight Red Fairy Vine Wrap