Dragon's Blood Golden Circlet

$60.00 USD


SHAPE/STYLE (msg me to designate 2nd circlet if needed)


Product Description

A gold dragon or blood red on green dragon's blood focal stone is the centerpiece for a dramatic Celtic weave circlet crafted for the Dragonriders of Pern.

My closest representation to the Pern books that I could make.
Golden dragon wire encloses green and brown, in an intricate weave.
Decoration is Dragon's Blood green with red Jasper.
(Actual stones will vary slightly in color and composition since every circlet is made to order, but all dragon's blood is decadently gorgeous;.)

STYLE NOTE: for the shape/style the first two in the drop down menu are as in the photos, the other two options are with the front piece and shape combined the other way.

This listing gives you the choice of just purchasing ONE circlet, or save and get any combination of TWO of the options listed under shape/style- if you choose two just pick one of the styles you want and message me to let me know which style you want for the other one.

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Dragon's Blood Golden Circlet