Celtic Renaissance Blue Sodalite Circlet

$65.00 USD

Circlet Shape


Product Description

Whether you are heading to a Renaissance fair, tribal festival or boho wedding, this Celtic weave circlet with sodalite gemstones is the perfect headdress for you!

This circlet was originally inspired by the Dragonriders of Pern. For those familiar with the books, this piece was based on the blue color of the harpers guild, Menolly and Sewell would have worn such as they entertained.

There is a central piece of Blue Denim Sodalite, flanked by six more, based on a three x three Celtic wire weave. It is shown modeled by happy customers at the Des Moines Renaissance Festival and Norman Medieval Fair.

Shape options:
V-Front is with a dip in the front of the Celtic weave band, as shown in the pictures
Straight is with no dip, straight like a headband or traditional circlet

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Celtic Renaissance Blue Sodalite Circlet Celtic Renaissance Blue Sodalite Circlet