Celtic Boudica Collar Necklace

$55.00 USD

Main Wire Color

Accent Wire Color


Product Description

A Celtic weave statement necklace inspired by Boudica, the ancient warrior queen of Britain. This necklace is made to lay gracefully at the neckline- open in the back with spirals adorning the ends and around the focal Celtic heart in the front. Available in silver or gold with alternate accent wire colors as well. NOTE: If you want it all one color, pick the main color you want from the first drop down box and then choose the matching color from the second.

We hand weave nickel free wire with a beautiful non-tarnish coating that makes it friendly even for allergy sufferers. It is fully adjustable and will bend to fit the curve of your neckline.

We make these a longish "choker" length, appx 18"- if you need yours longer or shorter just let me know- every item in our shop is made to order, so we can adjust it as needed for you.

ALSO AVAILABLE AS A SET w/Matching bracelet.

Our wire is nickel free and has a non-tarnish coat that makes it easy to wear even for allergy sufferers.

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